As a shipping company, we have many responsibilities – to our employees, contractors and partners, the government and regulators, industry partners and to our communities.

Working together with our stakeholders allows us to appreciate different viewpoints and maintain a global perspective. It also helps us build mutually beneficial and long‑lasting relationships and create opportunities that are aligned with their interests. This is fundamental towards helping us continue to improve our Company. We use a variety of mechanisms to engage our stakeholders, including internal and external meetings, senior executive speeches and press releases, email communications, publications such as the Annual Report and investor presentations.


Our employees are the drivers for our continued business success. We keep our employees informed about the context within which they work and have established channels for our employees to raise concerns across our group of companies. We have an ongoing dialogue with our employees about a wide range of issues, including benefits, development opportunities and diversity.


We work through industry groups to help establish standards and address complex energy challenges, and we are members of industry bodies such as The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships. Our Group Companies are also members of the industry associations relevant to their operations.

Suppliers, contractors and partners

Like our industry peers, GULFNAV rarely works in isolation. Safe and responsible operations depend on the capability and performance of our suppliers, contractors and partners. To this end, we set operational standards through legally binding agreements. Training and dialogue also help build the capability of our contractors.

Governments and regulators

We engage with the local and federal government on many fronts and aim to maintain dialogue with all relevant government agencies, ministries at every stage of our operations. We engage in policy debates that are of concern to us and the communities in which we operate, such as climate change and energy, water management and security.


GULFNAV customers range from Livestock producers to large‑scale industrial producers of oil, natural gas and petrochemicals. Through our concerned Group Companies, we engage with customers about supply chain management, GHG emissions and the sustainability of our vessels across their life cycle.