Going further for you means the world to us

Established in 2003, Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC (“GULFNAV”) combines a proud heritage with a strong client base and exciting future vision. Reinvigorated by a new executive team, we’re constantly looking for ways to go the extra mile: To support our partners. To improve safety and sustainability. And to always do what’s best for our employees, our investors and the planet.


A mission

To be one of the world’s most trusted shipping and maritime companies, renowned for safety, integrity, reliability and sustainability.

A global outlook

Headquartered in Dubai, we have extensive facilities at the ports of Fujairah and Khorfakkan, along with an overseas office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Longstanding international partnerships extend our reach across the world. We’re proud to be the only publicly‑listed maritime company on the Dubai Financial Market with truly global services.

A complete maritime partner

We specialise in the transportation of crude oil, chemical products and freight – protecting our clients’ reputations with the highest standards of safety, sustainability and crew welfare. Our world‑class marine services are delivered by three integrated businesses, providing an agile, flexible approach that gives clients tangible value.

A reputation for excellence

GULFNAV works with some of the world’s largest petrochemical companies and independent trading houses. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. Putting quality and integrity at the heart of our operation, we’re committed to delivering best practice across our fleet, crews and administration hubs.

By adopting progressive business practices and rigorously training staff and crew, we operate in full compliance with IMO and flag‑state rules, as well as holding ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality and safety management.

A sustainable, forward‑thinking vision

GULFNAV cares deeply for the environments in which we operate – we understand that, to succeed tomorrow, we need to continually innovate and do what’s right. So we’re investing heavily in the latest energy‑efficient technologies and hold 14001:2015 certification for environmental management. With a modernised fleet and responsible, long‑term outlook, we’re navigating a more sustainable path to growth.

Our values

Setting ambitious standards for sustainability, workforce well‑being, business ethics and transparency. Ensuring equal commitment to our people, the planet and financial performance.
Harnessing strategic relationships with like‑minded, ethical partners to drive innovation, sustainability, safety and revenue.
Being a responsible partner by relentlessly driving improvement in quality, reliability and value. Providing an environment for employees where they feel safe, supported and encouraged to maximise their potential.