Timely & Transparent Reporting

To maintain the trust and confidence of our Shareholders and Investors, it is vital that we act responsibly and conduct our business activities with transparency and integrity.

Our approach is built on an integrated corporate governance frameworkFor more details on our corporate governance framework (Including Board of Directors, Board Committees and Executive Compensation) please refer to our comprehensive 2023 Corporate Governance Report available on our website. with clear accountability channels, transparency requirements and independence thresholds. GULFNAV’s Board of Directors and Board Committees oversee the strategies, plans and policies of the Company.

GULFNAV has fully adopted and implemented the relevant corporate governance rules as set out by Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), And the Chairman of the Authority’s Board of Directors' Decision No. (3/Chairman) of 2020 Concerning Approval of Joint Stock Companies Governance Guide (and its amendments).

Adopting and implementing the corporate governance framework is a primary objective of both the Board of Directors and the executive management; which helps to ensure compliance with the applicable rules, and regulations, transparency, disclosures, increase shareholder value, protect/safeguard the interest of stakeholders and mitigating business risks appropriately.

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